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It was a lovely June Saturday: I will never tire of seeing New York’s green and rolling landscapes.  We drove from Manhattan to Buffalo in six hours exactly, listening to My Lord Chamberlain’s Concort and Palladian Ensemble, napping here and there.  Except for Garald, because he was behind the wheel.  That would have been quite a story otherwise!

Our first concert was housed in Ascension Episcopal Church, only blocks from the very famous Anchor Bar.  Have you ever wondered where the term “Buffalo Wings” came from?  Well I have, and it comes from that very bar, where tiny spicy chicken wings were first served.

The concert went well, impressing Christopher’s parents and sister and my significant other’s parents.  It was great to have family at our tour’s first show.  We had a moderately sized audience, including a handful of early music lovers, appreciative of our unique versions of some well-known text and music.

I have to say, performing in full costume on a summer tour gives me an even better understanding of the women I play.  We’ll be performing in many old churches, lacking air conditioning.  Working without modern comforts will add another level of good performance-practice right?  I can only imagine what it would be like with all of the old undergarments underneath. 

Roland Hayes and David Abbott, a lute and viola da gamba player respectively, provided housing and helped us put on the concert.  Waking up to Roland’s playing the next morning was so nice.  Buffalo has a small early music community, who often travel to Toronto for larger collaborations.

Yesterday we performed at Hurlbut Memorial Community Church on the campus of The Chautauqua Institute.  What a vibrant community!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many theaters, amphitheaters, and concert halls all in one place, not to mention lecture halls, art galleries, and houses of worship.  The church had especially nice acoustics, clear and easy to hear on stage as well as from the pews.  Our patrons were already planning our return!

My fun fact from Chautauqua is that because winters in that region are so rough, old family homes have custom-made canvas wraps!  The entire houses are wrapped and zipped to protect them from weather damage.  These are glorious Victorian houses by the way.

This morning we’re in Columbus, staying with Garald’s family.  We have a day of relaxing by his sister’s pool, and then a concert at 7:30pm.  Not too shabby!


Erika Lloyd